How to move around an iPIX image

The Virtual Tour image you have been viewing is created by 360 Vision; powered by iPIX technology.


Mouse Users



Move your cursor over the iPIX image. The cursor will immediately change into the icon of a "four way" arrow.

Click and drag your mouse (or other pointing device) to navigate the image. You will be able to look all around in every direction. Once you are "dragging" the image, you will see that the image will move faster the further the cursor moves away from the centre of the frame. 

The image you are looking at may have a small "toolbar" at the bottom left of the frame. If it does not, you can right click anywhere in the frame to show the "pop-up" menu. From the pop-up menu, you can then turn the toolbar on and off as you wish.

To zoom in and out using the toolbar, simply click on the "+" or "-" buttons - that's it!

NB Mouse Users can right click on the image for further menu options


Keyboard Users



Simply press and hold the cursor arrow buttons in the direction you want to go.


Simply press the numbers 1 through to 9 on the number pad to move the image in the desired direction. Pressing 5 moves the image back to its initial view. 

To make details of the image larger (zoom in), click and hold the "+" key or the "Page Up" key on your keyboard.

To make details of the image smaller (zoom out), click and hold the "-" key or the "Page Down" key on your keyboard.



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